Last Frontier

Outside the Feynman

Players wishing more realism at the cost of greater complexity can use the following modified decompression rules.

(7.19) Sealing Breaches. Units that spend one orbit phase with a welding torch in the square next to a breach can seal it. Unlocking a door to an adjacent pressurized space also takes an orbit phase. (An exception is airlock doors, which don't lock in response to pressure.) Opening a door to a space with no breaches repressurizes it. A space can be used as a makeshift airlock this way, by systematically opening doors so that units can move through the area without decompressing the ship.

(7.191) Exterior Movement. This requires extending the movement grid to one square beyond the ship's hull. Units blown out of the ship but not out of this area are not automatically lost. Instead, all movement outside is normal, if hard to visualize, and combat occurs normally, except than all "D" results are "K" since the target will float away from the ship. Due to the artificial gravity, units cannot move onto the ring section while it is still spinning without being flung away from the ship.

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