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Scenarios & Variants

Outside the Feynman
Optional Rules for decompression. Ever wonder what happens to those unfortunate marines that get blown out the window when some moron panic fires in the command pod?
The Invasion of the Feynman
If you always wanted to know how those aliens got aboard the Feynman in the first place, this is the scenario for you. And if anybody survives, it makes a perfect segue to the real game.
The Magical Last Frontier
It's a wild ride when the crew of the Vesuvius are flung backward in time to 10th-Century Earth. They think the superstitions of the villagers are their only worry, but they soon learn otherwise in these crossover rules for Shapeshifters.
Last Frontier vs Insecta
Or: "Honey, I Shrunk the Marines!" UNCMC Marines are tough, but are they tough enough to go up against the monstrous denizens of the Hive? Find out in these crossover rules for Insecta.
V_MAP Vesuvius Incident Gameset
Todd Zircher's V_MAP is "a freeware, bitmap manipulator for Win95/NT. It's intended to aid PBEM (play by e-mail) gaming. By allowing players and referees to work with a graphical interface, they can spend more time playing with less chance that a typo will foil their carefully laid plans." Download V_MAP plus the Vesuvius Incident gameset, and play PBEM games aboard the USS Feynman. (You will still need a copy of the game.)

Todd Zircher and V_MAP are not affiliated with Fat Messiah Games.

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