Last Frontier

Last Frontier Errata

Our Last Frontier rules ninja Bruce Ogden came up with a lot of material for the errata sheet that ended up on the cutting room floor. This is the complete set.

(1.5) Random Selection [clarification] During the game, many situations will occur that require a random choice between several options. One way to resolve this is to assign a temporary number to each option and roll 1d6 until the option's number comes up; other methods are possible.

(4.2) Free movement [clarification] The last sentence should be changed to: "Units may not enter any unoccupied rooms/corridors using free movement, even if entered during a previous turn; to do so during exploration turns requires a deployment action."

(5.2) Ambush procedure [clarification] The first sentence should read "During the discovery phase, if humans are in a corridor or explored room they have just entered (i.e., no humans were in the space at the end of last turn) there is a chance aliens will ambush the humans." Thanks to Tex Meeker for spotting this one.

[clarification] Even previously entered corridors may produce an Ambush. In the fifth sentence, "...resolve them normally" means check for Surprise. If human units are not surprised, hostiles do not attack immediately; they wait until the next turn, then attack.

[addition] -- Note that there is no discovery, ambush or surprise during a human action phase of a combat alert turn.

(5.3) Surprise [clarification] Ambushing hostiles, which achieve Surprise, attack at once and do not roll on chart (6.0A). "Discovered" intelligent hostiles DO make that roll, unless they are berserk.

(6.1a) Intelligent Creatures [clarification] If an inactive human unit is blocking a fleeing hostile, it is not attacked, it is "passed by," i.e, hostiles ignore its presence.

(6.2) Berserk units [clarification] Berserk units never have to roll on chart (6.0A): the second sentence is NOT meant to imply more than one Berserk unit attack per phase. Berserk units are subject to all other rules for (5.0) and (6.0), such as Ambush and Surprise. If ambushing, they do not immediately take one action unless they achieve Surprise.

(6.3) Ambush [clarification] The meaning here is that ambushing units do not have to roll on chart (6.0A).

(6.4) Human Abduction [clarification] In the first sentence, " or fewer active human units..." should read " or zero..." Abduction occurs only during an alien action phase.

(7.1) Ranged combat [clarification] All weapons, ranged or not, have a weapon table on the chart sheet. Change the ninth sentence to "(A natural, unmodified, roll of 2 produces a jam.)"

(7.11) Line of sight [clarification] Fourth sentence should read, "...the firing unit MUST choose any direction to be the LOS before firing...".

(7.15) Missed shots [clarification] Computers in front of windows are subject to a hit roll before the window is hit.

(7.3) Damage effects [clarification] on a Serious Wound or Kill/Destroy result, any items carried by the unit are destroyed, even if such an item contains "Crew Accounted For" info.

(7.31) Carrying people [clarification] A unit transporting (carrying) casualties may fire with a -2 modifier if it does not move in the phase. Transporting units using free movement are not restricted by movement rates and may pick up/or drop off casualties freely.

(7.6) Special attacks [clarification] If a downed alien is revived then downed again (automatically dead) there is no roll for acid spray.

(8.7) Computer room [clarification] The Access Code counter is discoverable, like other events, thoughout the ship.

(10.0) Robots and Crew [clarification] The Light/Serious damage counters are stacked, when appropriate, with robots or live crew members.

(11.0) Equipment [clarification] The pistols (Event Item or Crew Item) are the same as the Marines' weapons, i.e., the Colt M135.

(12.1) Crew accounting [clarification] The last lifeboat may not leave without all live Marines having escaped the Feynman. [Unless you're a real cruel bastard]

Close combat weapon charts [clarification] Ignore the penetration numbers for Doors and Computers on this chart. They will be used in future modules for Last Frontier.

Map [correction] Given the way the Feynman spins to induce gravity in the ring section, the hatches to the lift shafts ought to be on the ceiling of the ring, not on the floor as depicted. This error has no effect on play, but is somewhat embarrassing. Thanks to Alan Hench for noticing it.

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