Scenarios & Variants

California Dreams

  • A Shapeshifters scenario in 3 acts. As the mana fades, two shamans duke it out to control what will someday become Los Angeles. The struggle for the Sword of the Tiger will determine the fate of the City of Angels.

Menelaos and the Fishman

  • To escape the Isle of Pharos and return home to Lakedaimon, the heroic Menelaos must defeat the Old Man of the Sea. Recreate this thrilling episode from the pages of the Odyssey! Sure, you're still just beating the snot out of each other, but now you can do it with Homeric style. Plus 3 new spells.

The Origin of Enchanter

  • Now It Can Be Told. The mystery of Enchanter's origin is finally revealed. What shocking secrets lie within? Can YOU balance the scenario? We sure couldn't.


  • There are many reasons wizards come to the Arena. The love of adventure, the need for money, the thirst for revenge... Optional rules and scenarios for fighting arena battles in Shapeshifters, plus a PDF-formatted arena map to fight them in.

The Magical Last Frontier

  • It is 975 A.D. On the edge of the known world, a magical war rages. Then came the Ship from the Sky, whose sailors wore armor tougher than any mortal knight's, and weapons that spat fire. Can technology beat wizardry? Find out in these crossover rules for Vesuvius Incident.

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