The Origin of Enchanter

An Unbalanced Scenario

Beneath the calm surface of the lake, an epic battle raged. Amid a swirling cloud of bubbles and silt, a sperm whale and a giant squid were locked in mortal combat. The whale bit down on the squid's writhing tentacles, while the squid wrapped its remaining tentacles around the whale in a bone- crushing grip.

"You goggle-eyed hyperthyroidal goldfish," taunted the squid.

"Pah!" replied the whale. "I'll chop you up and sell you for sashimi!"

But the whale could feel itself growing weary. If only it could escape to the deeper reaches of the lake and regain its strength... But it was no good. The squid's grip was unbreakable. Finally, the whale gave out, dropping down in size to become an ordinary fresh-water trout.

"OK!" it exclaimed. "I give! You can have your stupid Pearl of Wisdom."

The giant squid now transformed itself back into Ichthyrion the Fish Man. The trout, with evident relief, swam to the edge of the lake and assumed its natural form as the Enchanter, an ordinary human male, who now climbed out of the water onto shore. Ichthyrion followed him out.

Enchanter was somewhat bedraggled, in his white, waterlogged tuxedo. Ichthyrion gazed serenely out over the gray surface of the lake. They sat in silence for long minutes.

"I'm not a real wizard anyway," Enchanter finally said.

"Oh?" Ichthyrion tried to sound interested.

"I learned all my magic from here." He reached into his soggy tuxedo jacket and pulled out a large tome bound in red leather. Magically, it had escaped any water damage, and in fact appeared bone dry. Ichthyrion read the title on the spine: The Book of All Knowledge.

"Yes," continued Enchanter, looking somewhat wistful, "I stole this book from a powerful sorcerer in my home dimension. You see, it started many years ago, when I was an aspiring acolyte..."

Ichthyrion leaned back against the trunk of a tree that grew near the water's edge. He realized, with sinking heart, that he was in for a very long story ... a story the Enchanter called ...

The Book of All Knowledge

2 players.

The white magician April was caught snoozing; Enchanter has seized the opportunity to snatch the priceless and powerful Book of All Knowledge. But he was not stealthy enough. April awoke and, realizing the situation, cast a magical barrier around the forest. Enchanter's only hope to escape is to make a trans-dimensional jump. If he can cast the spell in time!

Setup: Enchanter (thaumaturge) sets up first, in any forest hex. Choose a counter to represent the Book of All Knowledge and place it on Enchanter. April (sorcerer) then places her counter at least 10 hexes from Enchanter. Both start in human form with empty batteries.

Special Rules: Only those forms with attack strengths of at least one can carry the book. A wizard may attack while carrying it, but if the wizard receives damage (for any reason), the wizard must roll 1-3 on 1D6 to avoid dropping it. If the wizard drops the book, place the counter on the map in the wizard's hex. Neither wizard may leave the map, at least by ordinary means (see below).

Victory: Enchanter must cast a total of 20 spell points in order to escape. (The player can record them on the battery level track, using any counter for the purpose.) He must cast them during his attack phase, in a form with hands (per 7.0), but may cast them over several turns in small increments. Upon casting a total of 20 points, Enchanter immediately vanishes from the map and is the victor. Otherwise, April wins.

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