California Dreams

A Shapeshifters Scenario in 3 Acts

This series of scenarios recreates the struggle of two shamans to control what is now known as Los Angeles.

  1. To the Death!
  2. Balance
  3. Death is but a Journey

To The Death!

2 players

For years now, the supply of magical energy in the land has diminished in the Southwest. Magicians and shamans are dying out as the Age of Magic comes to a close. Even Rolling Thunder and Black Elk no longer war with each other, though the age-old rivalry continues. What use is fighting when precious magic is better used for medicine and farming?

Suddenly, the reports from a dying scout give hope back to the shamans. The Sword of the Tiger has been found in a ruined temple a few weeks journey from the village. The Sword would allow Rolling Thunder to help his people escape the crushing power of the Western expeditionary forces. To Black Elk, the Sword's nearly limitless power would mean the destruction of the village's enemies and a pardon for Magic (if only for a short time).

Cooperation is out of the question, as is the thought of conserving magical energy. Both shamans immediately gather all their strength and leave for the temple, each aware that only one will leave alive.

Setup: Place the Sword of the Tiger (use a sword counter) in the swamp at the edge of the lake near the center of the map where the shoreline breaks. Roll for first setup; the first wizard may start in any field hex on the north edge, while the second starts in any field hex on the south edge. Both are sorcerers with full batteries and hit points.

Special Rules: The artifact has a zone of control that covers every hex within 6 hexes. Once a wizard moves into the zone, the Sword is activated by their magical power.

Victory: After the artifact is active, if either wizard ends a turn (not a phase) alone in the zone the wizard takes the artifact over and instantly kills the other, winning the game.


2, 3, or 4 players

Black Elk emerges from the temple victorious, carrying the Sword and vowing to seed destruction across the land. But his victory has not gone unnoticed -- the Spirits of the Sea have observed the battle and have decided to intervene. The legends warn that the power of the Tiger is too much for a mere human to wield; these warnings have been ignored. Forming avatars in the lake near the temple, they emerge to restore the balance of nature.

Setup: Black Elk sets up first, in the temple hex (see To The Death, above). He is now a warlock, with a full battery and hit points. The Spirits (in the form of a sorcerer and two thaumaturges, all fishmen) set up second, with 5 point batteries and full hit points. For a two player game, each player controls one side. For three, give one player the two thaumaturges. For four, each controls one wizard.

Special Rules: No spell casting is allowed (the Sword prevents it). Black Elk always has a conjured sword, though he can only use it if he has hands. The Spirits have no home form.

Victory: The survivors are the winners.

Death is but a Journey

2, 4, or 6 players

Black Elk has enslaved the Spirits of the Sea who tried to stop him, and is now nearly unstoppable. But Rolling Thunder reaches out for him from beyond the grave, aided by two of the Spirits of the Forest.

Setup: Black Elk sets up first, with one warlock and two fishmen sorcerers, all next to any water hex. Rolling Thunder gets one warlock and two treemen sorcerers, in any hexes at least 10 hexes away from Black Elk's forces. All have full batteries; the warlocks have 15 hit points each, while the rest are full. For 4 players, give two players the warlocks and the others the sorcerers.

Victory: The team that gets the Sword off the map wins the game.

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