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Dec. 6, 2002
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Fat Messiah Games had hoped to make a brand new start of it in old New York. But alas, the downward spiral of the city's economy has created a tough employment scene, forcing the venerable game company to move its headquarters to the Steel City.

"Like most small game companies, FMG can't support a full-time staff and so it has to follow me wherever the job market may lead," explained Neal Sofge, FMG's Super Genius. After searching for full-time work in the Big Apple for several months, Sofge was lured to Pittsburgh by his former employer in the public policy field.

Sofge happily discovered that Pittsburgh is quite the gaming town. "There is a surprising amount of gaming going on here," he observed. "That may have to do with the density of higher education institutions in this area. There are also several game stores in the city and I'm happy to see that they all stock our products."

As with the previous move, FMG operations are not expected to be significantly impacted. Jeff Siadek's limited-edition Lifeboat parlor game was released on schedule during the company's short stay in the Big Apple, and Wizard's Attic continued to fulfill orders without interruption. Fat Messiah Games is continuing to move basic operations onto the Internet, and in the near future the organization should become so embedded in cyberspace that its physical location will be irrelevant. "Shapeshifters Anniversary Edition will be delayed a couple of months, which is unfortunate," says Sofge. "From 2000 on, we had managed to double our output, releasing something new every six months. This will break the streak. But we should be able to go even faster in 2003 -- keep an eye on us!"

Despite the strength of Pittsburgh's gaming community, Sofge is a New Yorker at heart and hopes to return to his native city someday if the economy improves.

Fat Messiah Games has been producing unique fantasy and science fiction adventure games since 1991, when it re-ignited interest in the now-popular "microgame" format. FMG products feature tactical richness, innovative mechanics, and high playability.