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Neal Sofge, Fat Messiah Games (neals@aol.com)
Joe Minton, Game Table Online (info@gametableonline.com)

Mar. 5, 2002
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Master the art of transformation on the Internet! Fat Messiah Games and GameTable Online are excited to announce a deal for creation of an online version of Shapeshifters, FMG's game of duelling wizards. This increases GameTable Online's growing catalog of titles to sixteen awesome games from nine top notch publishers, and will be the first online-play version of an FMG product since the release of Shapeshifters Lite on America Online in late 1992.

Shapeshifters is a fast-paced boardgame of magical combat for 2–4 players. Secretly plot your transformations each turn, trying to outguess your enemies. Do you attack as a tiger, or will your opponent flee into the water as a manta ray? Can you escape as a lizard, or will you be hunted down by an eagle? Your magical energy is limited — do you use it all to become a dragon, or hide as a rat and renew yourself?

The critics have called Shapeshifters "an inventive game that is easy to learn" (Pyramid) and as having "an almost chess-like quality...as players try to outguess each other" (Vortext). No two games play alike as you act and react based on your opponent's ever-changing form and strategy.

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