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Nov. 19, 2001
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Who can survive a world where science itself has gone mad?

Technology runs amok as the space war grinds into 1945. Fiendish shadow fighters, immense space battlecruisers, bizarre magnetic raiders, nimble parasite ships and even the war-torn British all show up in the seventh year of World War II. They're all included in Science Gone Mad, an expansion for FMG's Hard Vacuum space combat game.

Game designer Darrell Hayhurst said that this supplement gave him the opportunity to explore some of the more realistic rockets that would have actually been possible with the technology of the day. A team led by Hayhurst and Neal Sofge (Fat Messiah Games' Super Genius) developed the history of the orbital war in much greater detail than before.

"In the Hard Vacuum world, the science of the 1940s has advanced even further than our science of today," said Hayhurst. "With that kind of acceleration, it only made sense that it would have a wild, out of control feel, and that the technologies of war are advancing well beyond any human's ability to control it. The strange devices produced would truly be born from science gone mad."

The expansion includes collision and boarding rules, new German, American and British ships and space stations, weird 1945 inventions, expanded ship construction, rules for the early rocketships of 1942, an expanded timeline, a continuing characters section with writeups & portraits of ace pilots, and over ten new scenarios.

As for the book itself, "It's beautiful," according to Hayhurst. "It's a major improvement over the original in every way. Fat Messiah Games did an outstanding job bringing this game to life. The new ships look even better than the old ones, and the pilots add a lot of personality to the game."

Science Gone Mad will be available through all full-line adventure game distribution channels by December of 2001. The book is physically similar to Hard Vacuum, a 48-page book with a sheet of full-color game markers for a retail price of $14.95.

Fat Messiah Games, based in Los Angeles, Calif., has been producing unique fantasy and science fiction adventure games since 1991. FMG products feature tactical richness, innovative mechanics, and high playability.