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Apr. 26, 2001
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The best World War II space combat game in the universe is about to get even better. Famous aces, space cruisers, fiendish new Nazi weapons, space battle stations, and magnetic Tesla rays all show up in 1945 -- and in Science Gone Mad, the upcoming new expansion for Hard Vacuum.

The expansion adds rules for early liquid-fueled rocketships and introduces the war-torn British. "We also add collisions, carriers, larger battle rockets and a system that allows individual pilots to gain experience and become better space warriors,'' said Darrell Hayhurst, Hard Vacuum game designer.

Hard Vacuum is a game of spaceship combat set during the 1940s of an alternate universe. The board and/or miniature game explores what World War II might have been like if fantastic rocketships had existed the way scientists and dreamers of the time envisioned them. The Hard Vacuum book is the core upon which Science Gone Mad builds and expands.

Hayhurst said he decided to do an expansion because his local group of gamers has been playing Hard Vacuum for years and the game has grown quite a bit during that time. He added that the expansion allows him to get more of this great material into the game.

Neal Sofge, Fat Messiah Games' Super Genius and Hard Vacuum line developer, said that Science Gone Mad adds more play options, scenarios and spaceships. It also extends the alternate history timeline by an additional year.

"There's a lot of space games on the market, but this one is unique in that it combines a realistic movement system with a very original alternate universe," Sofge said. "The overall theme of the expansion is that just like in our own World War II, this is a war fought by technology and to some extent that technology has run amok."

Science Gone Mad is expected to ship in August of 2001. Like the original Hard Vacuum it will be a 48-page book including a sheet of full-color game markers for a retail price of $14.95.

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