Monsters of the Deep...

[Trilobite Cover]

Monsters of the deep lurk in the half-billion-year-old oceans of the Cambrian Era, waiting to eat your mutant team. Go head-to-head against the ancestors of all animal life, some so strange they remain mysteries today.

If you survive, you've still got another 250 million years to go, past the Paleozoic's huge eurypterids and tentacled horrors, through the ultra-maneuverable sharks and rays of the Mesozoic, all the way to the giant squid and scuba divers of the modern seas.

Trilobite is a supplement for Insecta Second Edition that changes the game's focus to undersea evolution.


New rules and design cards cover: Grasping Tentacles, Camouflage, Electric Batteries, Waterjet Siphons, Pistol Claws, Echolocating Organs, Suction Feet, Ink Sacs, Swim Bladders, and more!

  • Rules for underwater movement and combat.
  • New Hive deck with sea creatures from across Earth's history.
  • Catastrophe cards control the passage of time.
  • 4-page rules annex
  • 48 Hive bug cards
  • 58 bug design cards
  • 16 catastrophe cards
  • 18 counters
  • 6 rubber sea creatures

You must have the Insecta core rules to play Trilobite.

Suggested Retail: $14.95

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