Insecta Review

by Matthew R. Dunn

My dad asked me to review this game because I am a frequent game player. I think this game is pretty fun. When you play the game you assume the role of a mutant bug and must defend yourself against over 70 real-life bugs. You pick true bug defenses, such as a bombardier projector and a pheromone projector, to defend yourself from other bugs or mutants.

This is a very strategic game and it can also be a very long game if you don't die right away. It took me quite some time to figure out this game. There are LOTS of rules! (The rule book is 12 pages long.) Insecta even has special rules for solitaire games too. Other special rules are about: neurotoxins, armored shells, stingers, web spinners, colony insects, glue squirters, egg sacs, expendable spines, metamorphosis, regeneration, trophallaxis, pheromones , and more. There lots of different ways to play Insecta.

You can play by yourself, against a friend, or as a team. This is a very challenging game, so I don't recommend it for novice players. One final warning: if you buy this board game you'll need to have at least eight dice on hand. Insecta requires many dice (which are not included).

Copyright © 1996 Mathew Dunn. Used with permission. Matthew Dunn is not affiliated with Fat Messiah Games.

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