Bigger. Meaner. Uglier.

[Rainforest Cover]

There are things in the tropics a desert bug never dreamed of. Giant hissing cockroaches, spraying acid at their foes. Parasitic wasps, whose eggs hatch in the bodies of their prey, eating them alive. Huge tarantulas, bursting out of hidden lairs. Mind-controlling worms, reprogramming their insect hosts. Insidious plants, luring hapless mutants to a death by slow digestion.

The Rainforest Expansion is a supplement for Insecta. It provides the following new material for your Insecta games:

New Hive Deck. Five new levels of rainforest Hive creatures, from the tiny plant bug to the giant Hercules beetle, the world's heaviest insect, weighing up to 34 grams. Among the horrible denizens of the rainforest are the chalcid wasp, which plants an egg in its victim; the thorny-headed worm, which reprograms its host; the sundew and new world pitcher plant, carnivorous plants; the segmented spider, which lurks in a hidden lair. Here, the mutants will also meet their most dangerous foes yet: The poison dart frog, the chameleon, and the fearsome scaly anteater — able to swallow an insect whole!

New Mutant Design Cards. Power up your mutants with new rainforest body parts, including:

  • Trapjaw trigger, a fast trap-like jaw.
  • Eversible labium, an insect tongue that can grab its prey.
  • Elytra, armored wings that shield your other limbs from damage.

New Venom Rules. Rules for additional venom effects. Now poison can dissolve chitin, paralyze victims, dissolve connective tissue, induce convulsions, and other horrific forms of chemical warfare.

Pixies. For those who want to add a fantasy element to their Insecta games, the Rainforest introduces optional rules for tiny humanoids — pixies! Armed with swords, shotguns, and even flamethrowers, pixies ride into battle on the backs of the mutant bugs.

  • 4-page rules annex
  • 80 Hive bug cards
  • 13 bug design cards
  • 11 venom cards
  • 2 pixie displays
  • 15 pixie design cards
  • Assorted markers

You must have the Insecta core rules to play Rainforest Expansion.

Suggested Retail: $14.95

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