Second Edition

Mutant Kit

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Design a mutated arthropod, then fight it out in fierce battles for survival!

This kit contains a complete reprint of the second edition Insecta rules and everything you need to play the Arena Game, an introductory version of Insecta. Players build bugs, then duel it out in one of four different chambers of horror (the Foyer, Dungeon, Root Cellar and Parlor).

Adding any of the expansion sets (Desert Hive, Rainforest, or Trilobite) to the Mutant Kit unlocks the full Insecta Hive Game experience, where player bugs team up against a Hive made of real-world nasties.

FMG Game Data Components
Players: 2-6 (Hive game adds Hivemaster and solo options)
  • 16 page rulebook
  • 17" x 22" mapsheet
  • 60 bug design cards
  • 8 mutant displays
  • 6 player-aid cards
  • 44 playing pieces and status markers
Playing Time: 30 minutes and up
Scale: 1:1

This set includes the Insecta core rules.

Suggested Retail: $9.95

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