Insecta Errata

Note: These errata first appeared in the Rainforest Expansion.

(4.1) Order of action [addition] Hovering bugs that decide not to fly drop to the ground before any movement occurs. Note that due to hesitation, the actual order of movement may not match the order of action; "moves first" in this context really means "decides first."

(6.4) Damage effects [correction] change "abdomen" to "dexterity" in the last sentence.

(10.1) Moving between chambers [clarification] The mutant band may use two corridors to leave a chamber, as long as they all move to the same new chamber.

(11.3) Metamorphosing [clarification] Limbs gained from metamorphosing go directly behind existing limb pairs.

(11.4) Reproduction [addition] Mutants must have at least 5 dexterity and 5 instinct to reproduce, and may not do so in the same ecdysis phase they metamorphose to Instar 5. Baby bugs must have at least one dexterity and one instinct, and may not eat until the following turn's ecdysis phase.

(12.2A) Diapause pheromone [correction] Rather than moving first in the movement stage, bugs under the influence of the diapause pheromone move in the normal sequence but may not hesitate.

(12.4) Multipart bugs [clarification] Multipart bugs cannot attack themselves. One half never counts as a valid target for the other half when determining battle frenzy, swarm pheromone effects, and so forth.

(12.5) Widow web [clarification] The web hexes in the Foyer do not block line of sight.

(12.5/6) Ambuscade overrides instinct [clarification] The first mutant to enter the black widow hex (12.5) or the ant lion larva hex (12.6) does not make an instinct roll before moving. This circumstance overrides rule 4.2.

(14.3) Trophallaxis [clarification] Trophallaxis can occur between any consenting bugs in the same hex, even if one or both are incapacitated. Food in a dead bug's crop cannot be used in any way. Trophallaxis is not subject to frenzy.

(14.4) Eat & run [correction] Replace the second and third sentences with the following:

As bugs die, replace them on the map with a stack of food markers equal to their instar. Any active mutant (not Hive bug) that does not move during a movement stage may eat one food in its hex at the end of that phase.

If three rounds go by without attacks, or when there are no active Hive bugs, ecdysis begins. Any food markers or incapacitated bugs stacked with active Hive bugs cannot be eaten by the mutants; otherwise, ecdysis proceeds normally using the food markers on the map.

(16.4) Group mind [addition] Hive bugs with no chance of doing any harm to any mutant also count as unarmed for this purpose.

Player Aid Card [clarification] Close combat attacks may subtract an accuracy die for rear attacks or for incapacitated targets, not both.

Ant Lion Larva Hive Card [correction] The card should have a venom symbol on the sickle mandibles.

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