Hard Vacuum

Rocketship Variants

The Hard Vacuum books supply information on the "standard" versions of the fighting rocketships of World War Two. Like any military equipment from that era, however, nearly all of those ship designs were fielded in several configurations. This page lists those variants, with the corresponding control sheet modifications so you can include them in your own Hard Vacuum games.

Note  Each ship variant links to a filled-out ship design worksheet in Adobe Acrobat 3.0 format.

Bf363 Ernmorden

Bf363C: November 1943
This is the standard Ernmorden from page 35 of the Hard Vacuum rulebook. (24K)
Bf363B: April 1943
The B model Ernmorden was fielded with no drop tank, but otherwise identical to the C model above. Cross off the drop tank, lower VP value to 47, and increase Maneuverability to 4. (The extra space in the hull remains empty, left there by the forward-thinking Bayerische design team to provide for future expansion.) (24K)
Bf363D: February 1945
A last-ditch attempt to regain some measure of control over close orbit, the Ernmorden D replaces the drop tank with conformal fuel storage areas added to the fuselage. Cross off the drop tank, increase Maneuverability to 4, add 24 more Radium to the main tank (for a total of 54) and lower VP value to 49. (24K)

SP-63 Trailblazer

SP-63B: April 1944
This is the standard Trailblazer from page 37 of the Hard Vacuum rulebook. (24K)
SP-63: December 1943
The original Trailblazer was deployed before the RADAR system was ready for production. Cross off the RADAR panel and drop VP value to 37. (24K)

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