Hard Vacuum

The Space Corps Wants YOU!

Eddie Rickenbacker's Space Corps battle Von Richtofen's Nazis in the hard vacuum of 1940's outer space!

Kick the tires, light the jets, and roar off into the hard vacuum of 1940's outer space! Fly a Nazi spaceplane or a Space Corps rocketship in the battle for orbital supremacy. Escort supply envoys, run combat space patrols, even do a little reconnaissance. Do you have what it takes to become an atomic-powered Ace?

Hard Vacuum is a tactical game of WWII space combat in a world that should have been. The Hard Vacuum rulebook is a complete game—just add dice.

"If you're a gamer looking for something new, well done and inexpensive, this is it."
—Nick Pareni, Games Unplugged 9/10

Hard Vacuum Titles

Hard Vacuum Rulebook — Everything you need to play Hard Vacuum!

Science Gone Mad — The space war heats up in 1945! Aces, space cruisers, early rockets, boarding parties, and the British too!   Now available!

Hard Dice — Six-siders numbered 0–5, sold exclusively for Hard Vacuum.

Official Hard Vacuum Web Site, maintained by Hard Vacuum designer Darrell Hayhurst. Scenarios, ships, tactics, and more!

Unofficial Hard Vacuum Group, hosted by Yahoo! Groups and fan-moderated. General discussions about the game, demo announcements, occasional appearances by design team members.

Unofficial Hard Vacuum Design Page, run by longtime FMG fan Chris Camfield. A place for new spaceship designs submitted by the Hard Vacuum player community.

Lagrange 1 -- War In Orbit, run by Mark Watson and James Rowland. Rules, ship designs and after-action reports for a Science Gone Mad campaign running in Bristol University.

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