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Science Gone Mad

[Science Gone Mad Cover]

Technology runs amok as the Battle for Orbit grinds into 1945! Fiendish shadow fighters, immense space battlecruisers, bizarre magnetic raiders, nimble parasite ships and even the war-torn British all show up in the seventh year of World War II. Can you survive a world where science itself has gone mad?

Science Gone Mad is an expansion for Hard Vacuum, adding rules covering:

  • 1942 rocketships, with their slow chemically-powered engines and desperate orbital bombing missions.
  • Ramming, docking and boarding actions, plus marines and engineers.
  • Continuing characters, bailouts, experience, and Ace pilot skills.
  • Carrier operations & resupply
  • The liquid-fuelled ships of His Majesty's Royal Space Force.
  • Weird inventions, including radio-controlled torpedoes, magnetic rays, gun mines, boarding claws, gimbaled thrusters, and fighter launch racks.
  • Expanded ship construction charts for larger hulls and new equipment.

Over a dozen new spaceships, dossiers on eight famous aces, three space station designs, more than ten new scenarios, and a timeline expansion are also included, making Science Gone Mad a must for any Hard Vacuum fan.

Rulebook Includes
  • Expansion rules and scenarios for games set in 1943 and 1945
  • 15 new spaceships and 3 new stations
  • 168 full-color ship markers
  • 3 orbital bombing templates
  • spare thrust markers

Suggested Retail: $14.95

You must have the Hard Vacuum rulebook to use Science Gone Mad.

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