Hard Vacuum

Hard Vacuum Rulebook

[Hard Vacuum Cover]

Everything you need to play Hard Vacuum. Just add dice!

The Hard Vacuum rulebook includes:

  • Special introductory rules that get you into the action in ten minutes or less!
  • A simple, intuitive, fast-playing movement system that handles both realistic spaceflight and simultaneous action!
  • Rules for play on a hexgrid or tabletop, with miniatures or cardboard—you decide!
  • A combat system that covers everything from machineguns to atomic death rays!
  • Five Allied spaceships and five German spaceships, plus rules for designing your own!
  • A historical time line describing the WWII that never was!
FMG Game Data Rulebook includes
Players: 2+
  • Comprehensive rules
  • 4-page pull-out introductory rules.
  • 72 full-color ship markers.
  • 10 pre-designed spaceships.
  • Movement templates and range sticks.
  • More thrust markers than you'll ever need.
Playing Time: 30 minutes and up
Scale: Tactical

Suggested Retail: $14.95

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