Hard Vacuum Errata: 10/6/2001

This section is included in Science Gone Mad.

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Page 5, example [correction] Due to a remarkably stupid production error, Eddie's thrust record was duplicated over Hank's. The corrected version is shown below. The example text is correct.

Hank's Thrust Record

Page 16, Critical Hits [clarification] Critical hits occur even if the target's armor blocks all of the inflicted damage.

Page 20, example [correction] The sentence after "Eddie is in big trouble..." should read "...the deflection modifier is now 0, which halves his Silhouette to 4."

Page 22, Radium Drop Tanks [clarification] Despite not having their own panel, drop tanks count as a piece of special equipment in a "System Lost" critical hit.

Centerfold [correction] The left movement template is missing the cut marks for the #8 space. Use the right template as a cutting guide.

Page 24, timeline [correction] Mr. Tesla's first name is Nikola, not Niccoli.

Page 26, Juggernaut [correction] The last sentence of the Sliding Map section should read "...this rule..." instead of "...this rules..."

Page 29, Radium Drop Tanks [clarification] The cost of the tank is not subject to the engine efficiency multiplier.

Page 33, Chain Mines [clarification] Mines can always hit their own hex. The "1: 3D" range band is meant to include the mine's hex as well, but a "0: 3D" line may be added for clarity.

Page 33, Atomic Fireball [correction] Change "Bullets" to "None."

Page 35, Ernmorden [clarification] The drop tank/maneuverability combo is correct; the ship has 3 with the tank, 4 without.

Page 44, Visibility [correction] This panel should read "Roll 3 dice >= range to detect target."

Page 44, note [correction] The note along the bottom of the page should be next to the central cut line.

Special thanks to Chris Williams, Ralph Mazza, Bruce Macintosh, Philip Eklund and Chris Camfield for their assistance in our continuing quest for an error-free product.

Science Gone Mad Errata: 1/21/2002

Page 4, example [correction] Much as he might like to, Eddie can't substitute for Hank, who is the one to take 3 damage plus a critical hit from Manfred's fire.

Hank's Thrust Record

Page 4, example diagram [correction] Manfred's ship should have a rotation of 2, and be rotated an extra hexside. The corrected version is shown at left. This doesn't affect Hank's Silhouette adjustment, since deflection modifiers of 3 and 4 are the same.

Page 21, revised scenario map [clarification] The top and bottom values on the range stick are correct, but the stick's ends (as well as part of some start zones) are cut off by the edge of the diagram frame. A standard 44-hex-long map stretches from the center of Zone A to the center of Zone E, so the diagram was truncated to match.

Page 25, Capital Ships [correction] This should read "Ships of Size 4 or larger may mount restricted arc weapons in Forward, Sponson, and Broadside mounts in addition to Direct Forward and Direct Rear." The Weapons List note on page 29 is correct.

Page 25, Shadow Casing [correction] Add sentence to end of paragraph: "Shadow Casing is only available to German ships."

Page 28, Solid Rockets [correction] Add note: "American ships may not mount solid rockets."

British ship listings on pages 40, 42, 46 [correction] The power source oxidizer should be N2O4 (nitrogen tetroxide) not NO4, whatever that may be.

Hard Vacuum FAQ

When flying a ship that has a 2/1 thrust/power ratio, what do I do with fractional power consumption?

Look at Hank's piloting example in the original book. (Make sure to use the corrected diagram for Hank's thruster fire from this page.) He totals his thrust up first, then multiplies it by his thrust/power ratio to find the total power drain, which is why he spends only 2 power for 3 thrust.

You can think of this as tracking fractions while firing thrusters, but not being allowed to record fractional power expenditure if you find it easier that way.

On page 30 of the Hard Vacuum book, shouldn't the Americans' limitation in the Batteries box read "extra batteries beyond..."?

Neal Sofge responds: While laying out that section I couldn't make the sentence fit no matter what I tried, so I lopped off the word "extra" and hoped people would be able to figure it out.

Liquids really get screwed by the fuel rounding rules when their tanks are mostly empty. Can I track fractional fuel bubbles instead?

Yes, but only if everyone playing agrees. The original draft of the rules used half- and third-bubbles, but it was quite annoying in practice and so the rules were rewritten for ease of use.

Can capital ships (Size 4 or larger) mount mines in F, LS/RS, or LB/RB mounts?

No. This is in accordance with the note on page 29 of the original book, that mines may only fire into FM or RM (not DF or DR) despite being Restricted Arc weapons. We realize this is a bit confusing, and mines will become Fixed Arc weapons in future editions.

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