How To Buy FMG Products

At Your Friendly Local Game Store

Fat Messiah Games are carried by better game, comics, and hobby shops worldwide. Even if your local retailer doesn't stock our stuff, they can probably order it for you from their favorite distributor. If their distributor doesn't carry it either, or your local store isn't quite as friendly as you might like, then see the next section.

Remember: Buying games from a store rather than directly from us helps keep the hobby healthy, and you don't have to pay shipping! Support your local retailer!

Mail Order

Our friends at Sierra Madre Games have generously agreed to pick up fulfillment duties for direct Web ordering, as well as traditional mail-order sales. The link at left will take you straight to their online order form if you can't find our products at your local retailer.


If you're looking to distribute our fine products, please contact our fulfillment agent, Impressions Advertising & Marketing. They offer one-stop-shopping for a variety of small to medium game companies, and serve distributors worldwide.

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