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August 1, 2004: The Wizard's Attic crash, industry reconfiguration, personal family commitments and apparent changes in the hobby endanger FMG's future. Neal posts a note to this effect, asking our fans to "vote with their dollars" to show that there's still a niche for Fat Messiah products in the adventure gaming ecosystem.

September 10, 2003: Impressions fulfillment agreement ends.

August 8, 2003: Direct Web mail order restarted.

May 7, 2003: Neal's email account used as origination address for mass porn mailings; Shapeshifters pages (finally!) updated.

April 21, 2003: Direct Web mail order suspended, pending new business arrangements.

February 13, 2003: Con calendar updated.

January 31, 2003: Fulfillment changeover from Wizard's Attic to Impressions. Most of you won't notice; the important thing is that FMG products are still available through normal retail channels.

January 27, 2003: Broken links finally hunted down and fixed.


December 20, 2002: The SMG Web site is once again hosted by FMG.

December 6, 2002: FMG escapes a crumbling NYC economy by moving to Pittsburgh, as detailed in this press release.

August 13, 2002: Traditional Gen Con near-realtime photo gallery blocked by low-tech hotel rooms, but Chimera Magazine will feature the full report.

July 31, 2002: Lifeboat page added. Game is at the printers, should be available in early August.

July 22, 2002: FMG Web Team now fully operational; biweekly site updates should now be possible. Hard Vacuum external resource links restored.

July 7, 2002: Sadly, we didn't win at Origins -- Chainmail by Wizards of the Coast walked away with the Calliope for Best Science Fiction or Fantasy Miniatures Rules.

March 21, 2002: Science Gone Mad nominated for 2001 Origins Award.

March 5, 2002: FMG Signs License Deal With Game Table Online. Details in the press release. Company also announces move to new East Coast location in a separate press release.

January 28, 2002: Hard Vacuum Errata updated. Blank ship construction worksheets and variant ship designs added to Hard Vacuum Web Goodies.

January 1, 2002: Web Goodies page added to the Hard Vacuum section, listing non-FMG game accessories, variant rules, and other games with the same name.


December 10, 2001: Site overhaul. Convention Archive, Hard Vacuum and the embarassingly out-of-date Robotanks sections updated. We promise more frequent updates from now on.

December 7, 2001: Science Gone Mad, the first expansion for Hard Vacuum, is available in stores.

August 3, 2001: Photos from Gen Con 2001 are posted in near-realtime. [This section subsequently moved off-site; see the Convention Archive for details.]

March 14, 2001: Insecta has been reissued in the form of the Mutant Kit base rules module and the Desert Hive hive pack. Together they're equivalent to the original Insecta: Second Edition package.

December 20, 2000: Hard Vacuum is now available!

July 17, 2000: Trilobite is now available! This expansion to Insecta: Second Edition adds rules for ancient sea life. We regret that Insecta is now out of stock.

20th Century

Nov 11, 1999: Online ordering now available through Wizard's Attic.

Aug 22, 1999: Added pages for Rainforest and Insecta: How It Plays

Feb 21, 1999: Migrated to new domain name! Now we are http://www.fatmessiahgames.com.

Feb 2, 1999: Added a link to Todd Zircher's V_MAP from the Vesuvius Incident scenarios page.

December '97 - January '98: Major Site Overhaul.

The Web has changed a lot since '94, when we created this site, and the old pages were looking a bit archaic. Time for a re-fit. Our goal has been to make the site nicer to look at and easier to navigate. Major pages have kept their old URLs, so most outside links and bookmarks won't break. We've also tried to stay friendly to text-only broswers.

May 6, 1996: We're proud to announce the return of Shapeshifters after more than a year out of print.

[The Internet Archive has saved a version of our site from this era here.]

February 22, 1996: Insecta/Vesuvius crossover rules from Revelations.

January 3, 1996: Version 3.0 of the Book of All Knowledge.

December 4, 1995: New page of links to other pages.

August 14, 1995: Insecta is out! Also check out our flashy new description of Vesuvius Incident (lots of inlined GIFs), and a review of Vesuvius posted to UseNet by by Evan M Corcoran.

April 8, 1995, very early in the morning: Complete overhaul of the web pages, new graphics, new format for product descriptions and for Revelations On-Line.

January 1, 1995: Now there's actually some real data in the convention schedule page.

October 20, 1994: Wasson reorganizes the home page.

September 1, 1994: We've added a Cool Stuff page, where we'll stick links to other web sources that we think are cool.

August 30, 1994: Sierra Madre Games goes on-line! FMG is hosting the Sierra Madre Games home page on our web site. Sierra Madre is the publisher of the innovative Insecta game. Watch for a revised edition published jointly by Sierra Madre and FMG later this year.

July 19, 1994: The FMG web pages aren't so lame now. We've put in the Submission Guidelines and most of the back issues of Revelations, with a nifty hypertext index.

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