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at OrcCon 19

We all had a great time at OrcCon this year.


Last time around, our heroes had failed in their valiant attempt to build a new Midgard from the shattered remains of the old (their failure largely due to an unbalanced scenario design). This time we thought we'd make 'em do it again.

With proper victory conditions, the scenario ran much more smoothly. Shapeshifers veteran Aaron Cappocchi successfully cast the spell to reintegrate the world, making him the supreme ruler of the New Midgard and the winner of the tournament. Aaron and Jose Salcedo also deserve special thanks for putting up -- not once, but twice -- with such a peculiar scenario. Next time we'll return to more normal fare, we promise.


The Insecta tournament was well attended, with enough players to run two concurrent games. Hivemaster duties were split between the indefatigable Jose and FMG Senior Logician Mike Wasson. (Neal Sofge acted as AdminMaster.) Mike played a rather poor Hive, against a band of mutants that showed surprisingly good tactical acumen (many were beginners to the game). Jose's team failed an instinct roll at one point and got sidetracked into a minor Haggle skirmish, but otherwise played well.

Final rankings:

  • First place: Andy Lange
  • Second place: J.C. Kern
  • Third place: Michael Fryer

Special mention must go to Michelle Rogers, Guest Hivemaster, who was last seen slaughtering a bunch of mutant insects in open gaming.

Freak of the Week

After the Insecta tournament, the FMG staff retired to open gaming for a relaxing round of Nuke War with Mike Lam of Flying Buffalo, Inc., when who should show up but Wayne Sherman, official Freak of the Week. You see, Wayne was playing Haggle. More precisely, Wayne was playing his own private variant of Haggle, which involved accosting random people and bargaining with them for ... well, for a variety of things.

"How about the expired room key instead of the Equal(tm)? Or the sweet relish? How about the napkins?"

"Well, can I step on your toe?"

"Hmm... step on my toe, huh? Well, OK, but only if I can yank on your beard."

"I'm not sure about that. But I've got this movie ticket stub."

"Oh yeah? What movie?"

"Let's see ... it says, 'Thank you for choosing AMC.'"

"OK, I'll take it!"

So Wayne, you're the official Freak of the Week.

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