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at Gateway 15

or, Shonen Knife Are Not a Punk Band!

Gateway was a subdued convention this year. The influx of collectible card games and collectible card gamers has got everyone in disarray. The newcomers don't quite fit in yet, the old timers find themselves discomfited by the rabble. It'll smooth itself out, no fear of that, but in the meantime people are walking around a bit discombobulated.

A minor complaint by the FMG staff: The hours were grueling! But we hear rumors that the work day will shorten again next February. Ah, compromise!

The Shapeshifters tournament was under-attended, for whatever reason. It being out of print for a year may be one factor! With luck and dilligence that situation will shortly change. The low turnout was just as well, under the circumstances, because the tournament scenario was a bit rough around the edges. Last episode, you'll recall, our heroes had destroyed the entire universe through a combination of poor judgment and even poorer timing. Now their goal was to put it back together again. Alas, the victory conditions were too hard to achieve, and the players failed miserably in their objective. Many thanks to Aaron Cappocchi and Jose Salcedo for diagnosing the scenario's flaws and suggesting improvements. Based on their suggestions, we may run it again.

The Insecta tournament went much better. We had a full complement of players, and Jose stepped in as guest Hivemaster. Jose played the Hive bugs with relish, and waged valiant and vicious combat. Memorable quote from Jose: "This is my last dying act of spite!" But the hardy band of mutants -- many of them novices -- soon learned the value of good tactics, and ended up doing quite well for themselves.

Insecta tournament standings:

  • First Place: Bryce Nakagawa (tied)
  • First Place: Jim Foster (tied)
  • Second Place: George Joice

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