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at Gamex '95

This year's Gamex was a lot of fun, although we were disappointed not to have Insecta out in time for the con. Still, we ran several tournaments, and a good time was had.

Phil Eklund of Sierra Madre Games was in town for the con. He ran a demo game of Lords of the Sierra Madre using a mock up of the new, revised edition forthcoming from Decision Games. Look for it to be out some time this winter.

Sunday afternoon was the Shapeshifters tournament, which as usual was a big hoot. This time out the object of the scenario was to assemble the Utgard Horn, summon the Midgard Serpent, and retain control of the horn until the serpent showed up. As it happened, on the turn that the serpent arrived nobody had the horn, so the entire universe was destroyed. Which makes it questionable whether any of the players "won." But for purposes of the tournament, the standings were:

  • First place: Phil Eklund, for being the last player alive, and for his valiant attempt to save the universe.
  • Second place: Jose Salcedo, for blowing the Utgard Horn.
  • Third place: Aaron Cappochi, for most kills.

Lance Zane was Creature of the Day (rhinocerous). Phil Eklund got the "kill the designer" prize for dealing a fatal blow to Mike Wasson. (The prize is, you get to gloat that you killed the designer.) Quote of the tournament: "This is the part they edit out of the National Geographic special."

Sunday evening was the Insecta tournament. We had enough turnout to run two concurrent games, which was a lot of fun. Final standings:

  • First place: Keith "Lord of the Flies" Dalzell
  • Second place: Jeff "Fist of Neptune" Vaca
  • Third place: Mike "I don't have a nickname" Brodock

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