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Founded in 1991, Fat Messiah Games is a group of professionals dedicated to producing excellent adventure games at reasonable prices.

Our products combine role-playing detail, tactical richness, and innovative mechanics to create games everyone can enjoy. Meticulous research, careful design, and extensive testing ensure high playability and quality. And the eclectic subjects give FMG games a unique position in the hobby.

We hope you'll remember to look for the fat guy, wherever fine adventure games are sold.

Contact Us

Fat Messiah Games
P.O. Box 341136
Los Angeles, CA 90034

Neal Sofge is the primary FMG contact. You may write to him at: neals@aol.com.

Mike Wasson is no longer active in Fat Messiah. However, he is still the FMG Webslinger, and may be reached at wasson@io.com.

Sierra Madre Games handles all order processing for FMG. Please do not go to Wizard's Attic for FMG products, as they owe us a great deal of money.

Press Releases

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Who Are We?

Neal Sofge, Super Genius

Neal Sofge was born in 1959 in Ann Arbor Michigan. He left home at the age of 14 and hitch-hiked to Maine, where he worked for several years on a fishing trawler. All the while he was reading the German Idealists, and it was a remark by Schopenhauer about suicide that prompted Neal to depart Maine and strike out for New York City.

There, he formed a punk-rock band, the Pulpit Thumpers. In its brief, tumultuous exisitence, the band released several 7" singles, an LP ("23 Skidoo"), and contributed to the seminal compilation album "Welcome to Your Life," which documented the vibrant NY thrash scene. Later, such bands as Gorph and Ten Eyed Crawfish would cite the Pulpit Thumpers as a primary influence.

Unfortunately, just as major-label success seemed near at hand, the band imploded. First their bass player had a psychotic episode while riding the "R" train and had to quit the band. Shortly thereafter the drummer moved to Austin, Texas, in order to raise a child. For several months Neal drifted about, working at a Mexican fast-food place, playing first edition Traveller, and going to the Sunday hard core matinees at CBGBs, the mecca for punk rock in New York City.

It was at CBGBs one day that Neal met Mike Wasson. The two quickly discovered a mutual interest in RPGs and wargaming, and decided that very afternoon to form a game company. On their way to a coffee shop to discuss the new project, they passed a man selling religious tracts on the sidewalk. The tracts depicted a rotund figure similar to the "fat guy" who would later adorn the FMG logo.

Inspiration struck. Neal exclaimed, "Hey, let's call the company Fat Messiah Games!" Thus the fledgling company got its name, and the rest (so the cliche goes) is history.

In over 5 years Neal has never replaced this biographical note, which is utter rot and nonsense.

Mike Wasson, Senior Logician (Emeritus)

Mike Wasson's web page can be found here. Suffice it to say that he is rich, extremely good looking, moves only in the most fashionable social circles, and is highly sought after for his views on art, music, literature, world politics, rocket science, the fashion scene, and so forth. He recently completed a 1200-page novel, Sorrow Amid Gloom.

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